The Culture and Politics Program (CULP) is an interdisciplinary research, teaching, and collaboration platform that is unique to Georgetown University, linking scholarship related to changing global practices from the College and the School of Foreign Service (SFS). The CULP seminar series is designed to enhance the program’s research agenda by connecting core faculty with other scholars across the Georgetown campus, including GU-Qatar, and by organizing exchanges with leading scholars who address the global publics necessary for political action in the twenty-first century. Faculty seminars also enhance undergraduate knowledge of qualitative research methodologies in a transnational context.

An undergraduate program housed within the SFS, the Culture and Politics major prepares students to think across disciplines and investigate how culture and politics shape and transform communities, institutions, practices, technologies, and artworks worldwide. The program’s innovative mission has led to its popularity as one of the largest SFS undergraduate programs, with significant interdisciplinary connections to English, Theater and Performance Studies, History, Philosophy, Religion, Anthropology, Sociology, the foreign languages and literatures departments, area studies centers, and increasingly technology studies and the business school. Students design their own thematic concentration and learn to facilitate their own intellectual trajectories, supported by the program’s well-structured liberal arts experience and strong emphasis on methods of cultural analysis, critical thinking and writing, and interdisciplinary inquiry. Please contact Anthony Pirrotti, Curricular Dean with further questions about the major. 

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