CULP Faculty

CULP Core Faculty

Katherine Chandler
Katherine Chandler is Assistant Professor of Culture and Politics in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. She writes about intersections between political and social theory, technology, and media. Currently, she is completing a book about unmanned aircraft in the twentieth century, Unmanning: The Dissociative Politics of Drone Flight and Failure. Her writing and visual works have been published in qui parle, Humanity: An International Journal for Human Rights, as well as edited collections. As a core member of the CULP faculty, she teaches "Bodies, Technologies, and Violence," "Politics of Media and Materiality," and "Introduction to Culture and Politics."

Shiloh Krupar, current CULP Field Chair, and Provost's Distinguished Associate Professor
Shiloh Krupar is Provost's Distinguished Associate Professor in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. She is a geographer with teaching and research interests that span architecture, museum studies, medical humanities, and environmental justice issues. Her 2013 book Hot Spotter's Report: Military Fables of Toxic Waste examines "postnuclear" nature conservation and labor compensation issues. She is working on two co-authored volumes: Museum of Waste: Capital, Ecology, Sovereignty (with C. Greig Crysler, US-Berkeley) on environmental and financial disasters, and Enterprise of Life: Biocultures and the Ethics of Living On (with Nadine Ehlers, Sydney University) that explores biomedical administration. Krupar also serves as Co-director of the National Toxic Land/Labor Conservation Service (with Sarah Kanouse, Northeastern  University), an agency that addreses the toxicities of war through intersections of art, research, and government policy. She teaches the CULP courses "Cartography and Social Justice," "Green Politics," "Detouring the Global City," "Critical Geography," "Landscapes of Social Practice," "Introduction to Culture and Politics," and "Globalization, Diplomacy, and the Politics of Exhibitions."

Katrin Sieg
Katrin Sieg is a Professor of German jointly affiliated with the German department and the BMW Center for German and European Studies at Georgetown University. She holds a PhD in theater studies and is the author of three monographs on German and European theater and performance, including the award-winning Ethnic Drag: Performing Race, Nation, and Sexuality in West Germany (2002). Her research focuses on theater, performance, and popular culture in postwar Europe, with an emphasis on feminist and critical race studies. Her current project asks how European ethnology museums interpret their mission to provide diversity education to publics that are increasingly culturally mixed and politically polarized. She has taught the CULP courses "Introduction to Culture and Politics" and "The Postcolonial Museum."

Anthony Pirrotti, CULP Curricular Dean
Anthony Pirrotti began his career at Georgetown as a graduate student in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Since then, he has worked at both Georgetown Law Center and Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business. His research interests include Christian-Jewish relations in early modern Europe, the history of the Reformation, and early modern English drama.


CULP Affiliated Faculty/Advisory Board
Please note that this list represents a rotating advisory board of key people, within the larger array of CULP-affiliated faculty across campus.

Fida Adely
Associate Professor, Arab Studies & Anthropology, School of Foreign Service 

Denise Brennan
Professor, Anthropology, College

Soyica Colbert
Associate Professor, African American Studies and Theater and Performance Studies, College

Rochelle Davis
Associate Professor, Arab Studies and Anthropology, School of Foreign Service

Mark Giordano
Associate Professor, Science Technology and International Affairs, School of Foreign Service

Derek Goldman
Professor, Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics & Theatre and Performance Studies, School of Foreign Service & College

Nathan Hensley
Assistant Professor, English, College

Leslie Hinkson
Assistant Professor, Sociology, College

Dana Luciano
Associate Professor, English, College

Kate de Luna
Assistant Professor, History, College

Brian McCabe
Assistant Professor, Sociology, College

Kate McNamara
Associate Professor, School of Foreighn Service & Government, College

Daniel Neep
Assistant Professor, Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, School of Foreign Service

Dan Nexon
Associate Professor, School of Foreign Service & Government, College

Ricardo Ortiz
Associate Professor, English (Chair), College

Joanne Rappaport
Professor, Anthropology & Spanish and Portuguese, College

Mubashir Rizvi
Assistant Professor, Anthropology, College

Cynthia Schneider
Distinguished Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy, Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, School of Foreign Service

Henry Schwarz
Professor, English, College

Lahra Smith
Associate Professor, African Studies, School of Foreign Service

Betsi Stephen
Demographer, Science, Technology and International Affairs, School of Foreign Service

Matthew Tinkcom
Associate Professor, Graduate Program in Communication, Culture, and Technology (CCT)