CULP Writing Guide

CULP is pleased to release "A Culture & Politics Guide to Writing" --- a helpful, entirely CULP-student-made guide to the sometimes fulfilling but often frustrating process of writing papers: from the not-so-simple issue of "where to start" to constructing arguments, keeping organized, and editing, editing, editing. Please share & distribute widely! 

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Special thanks to the leadership of CULP Professor Dr. Kate Chandler, the Georgetown Writing Program and Sherry Linkon, and the CULP students who collaborated on the guide's content and production: Leia Alex, Claire Reardon, Edom Tesfa, Dayana Morales Gomez, Emilia Brahm, Erin Leonard, Zachary Frial, Nick Shedd, Emma Berry, Julia Rhodes, Maddy Moore, and Patrick MacDonald.

SFS Faculty Statement on the 2016 Presidential Election and Transition

Adopted by the SFS Faculty Council, January 2017

As the United States moves forward under the new administration, as foreign policy objectives are developed under this administration, and as members of our community evaluate their career plans, we reaffirm our mission for nearly a century: Leadership in service to the global community and peace through understanding. As Father Edmund A. Walsh said at the School’s inauguration in 1919: “Having entered upon the stage of world-politics and world-commerce we assume world-wide obligations. Our viewpoint can never be quite the same again.”

Our work at Georgetown has been animated by our four core values, and we remain committed to these values: We are committed to promoting *leadership* and the ability to work with others—including those who hold radically opposing viewpoints—to forge a shared vision and carry out positive change. We are committed to promoting *creativity*, the ability to think imaginatively beyond conventional wisdom, and the ability to empathize with others, especially those who have benefited the least from global prosperity, abroad and at home. We are committed to promoting *ethics* and integrity, the ability to consider evidence and fact carefully and to navigate complex moral choices with high ethical standards. And we are committed to *service* and the lifelong dedication to protecting and promoting the well-being of others, particularly the most vulnerable groups. These values will continue to guide us in spirit and in action. Our century-old mission has never been more important.

We, the SFS faculty, unequivocally support each and every member of our community to live and learn with dignity and respect. The fundamental equality and inherent dignity of all human beings transcend political affiliation and remain our foundation. This principle is embedded in our University’s mission, the Jesuit tradition of aspiring for a just society and the common good, and the U.S. Constitution. We condemn discrimination in all forms; intolerance is incompatible with our values and work as scholars and fully engaged members of society. And we join together in opposition to those who would ignore, reject, or recast as debatable the principles of equality and justice that are the foundation of our work as educators. We reaffirm the School of Foreign Service’s historic role in combating prejudice in all forms via academic rigor and active engagement in open, rational, empirically grounded intellectual investigation. We remain committed to the unfettered pursuit of knowledge and practices of principled argumentation, free inquiry, respect for difference, and sustained, inclusive dialogue.

To our current students, we affirm your right to pursue knowledge and be treated with respect regardless of identity and origin. We affirm civility in discourse, diversity in ideas, political viewpoints, and community membership, and shared responsibility for the well-being of all students. We acknowledge the fears of student populations who may feel vulnerable and face intensified risk in a divisive political climate: minority students, Muslim students and students of all faiths, undocumented students and those of mixed-status families, LGBTQ students, and women of all backgrounds. We will pursue pragmatic steps to support and encourage all students in our community. Our task is to inspire and challenge all of you. We recommit to that task now more than ever.

To faculty, staff, alumni and friends, we support all members of our community and encourage you to continue pursuing Georgetown’s mission and promoting its values. For those seeking to join the SFS—prospective students as well as prospective faculty and staff members—we affirm our commitment to the preservation of a safe, inclusive, and welcoming academic community. Join us, as we continue to prepare the next generations of women and men in service to the world.